Our Guarantee

Try the Freedom Spring System for 60 days. Really give it an honest workout. Start Bouncercising, ask questions, try the workout routines.

And if you sincerely believe that you do not feel physically better, or have not benefited from using the Freedom Spring System, you can return it, (in good condition, of course,) and we will refund your money, less an 10% restocking fee, and shipping & handling.

Product Warranty

Frame of the Bouncerciser | Lifetime Warranty
Bouncerciser Mat | 5 years
Bouncerciser Springs | 3 years
Overhead Resistance System | Lifetime Warranty (Except resistance cords)
Resistance Cords | 6 months

Quality and Durability

It is our goal to manufacture the best exercise system available. The exercises performed on the Freedom Spring System are highly effective, but quality of the equipment itself is of the utmost priority for American Bio-Compatible Health Systems, Inc. For several years, The Freedom Spring System has been carefully engineered and has been designed for commercial use in health clubs.

This intense process of development produced a Bouncerciser that is constructed of a heavy-gauge steel frame. The mat is constructed with a polypropylene material, which is the highest-quality trampoline textile available on the market. The springs are specially designed to produce a safe, soft bounce that resists breakage.

The Overhead Resistance System is also made of durable metals and resistant rubber. We take great pride in the durability and quality of The Freedom Spring System, and it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing exercise systems available.