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“One of the hottest fitness trends for 2002” Newsday
“Step is out, bouncing is in” Fitness Magazine, Aug 2002

Dr. James E. Rota – Biography

Dr. James E. Rota is a practicing Biological Dentist with a high-profile practice located in Westwood, California. Through research and development of important dental protocols involving mercury toxicity of the body and addressing his own toxicity, Dr. Rota developed a highly effective form of exercise called Bouncercise, which provides aerobics, resistance training, and cell detoxification. His book, “Bouncercise Revolution” introduces this practical method of detoxifying the body while achieving physical fitness for people of any age.

During his forty years in Dentistry, Dr. Rota has been a UCLA Assistant Professor and a pioneer in Dental Ergonomics, developing many work simplification standards now practiced by dentists as common procedure, including Four-Handed Dentistry. He also developed the protocols for safe mercury removal from the mouth, which are commonplace in Biological Dentistry today.

Dr. Rota has appeared on numerous national and regional television broadcasts as an expert in various aspects of Dentistry, including the Merv Griffin Show, Dentistry Today, and several Los Angeles area news broadcasts. The topics covered in his appearances included fear management, trends in dentistry, fraudulent dental diagnoses, toxicity of the mercury amalgam filling, and heavy metal detoxification of the body.

He has participated in various panels of experts in the medical field, and conducts bi-monthly seminars with other physicians regarding mercury detoxification and the controversial mercury issue in dentistry. Dr. Rota also hosted a Los Angeles radio program, “Smile Your Way to Health,” discussing the importance of the mouth to the rest of the body. Dr. Rota is an experienced speaker, often drawing standing-room only attendance.

Media Contact: Dori Rota 310-208-1158

Exercise Success for People Over 50: Reports of Improved Fitness, Circulation and Balance
The combination of a gentle bounce, stretching and strength training proves to be most effective in addressing senior health concerns. Dr. James Rota has developed a unique exercise for seniors, which has seen successful results in improving circulation, bone density, balance, weight loss, and overall fitness.

Weight Loss Breakthrough: Study Shows Three Times More Weight Loss with Exercise Combination
Studies show that combining strength training with stretching and aerobic exercise will result in tripled weight loss and reduction in cellulite. Health and ergonomics expert, Dr. James Rota, while solving his own issues of toxicity and leg injury, developed an exercise that puts all the components of fitness together in one movement.